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General Information

Registration Start

Zoom Webinar registration will start on Thursday, November 25!

Registration Fee

Registration in the training program will be free!


The first 500 people registered to our training program will be able to participate!

Our registration process has been completed, thank you very much for your interest. Our registered participants can follow our program with Zoom links sent to them.

Registration is required for participation to the training via Zoom.
Participation in training via Zoom Webinar is limited to 500 people. For this reason, 500 people who first registered and logged into the web will be able to participate in the training. All participants will be given a certificate of online participation after webinar.

Important Note: Please make sure that you enter your name, surname and e-mail address correctly since the certificate will be designed and sent to you according to the information you provide during the registration. Once you complete the pre-registration, you will receive a pre-notification e-mail. The main sessions and the thematic sessions’ entrance links will be sent to your e-mail on Saturday, December 5, 2020.

It is mandatory to attend the sessions for 3 days to receive the certificate.

Education Program

Click for the English version of the scientific program. (PDF)

Day 1 Tuesday, Dec. 8 / 13:30-16:45 (GTM+3)

Time Session/Speaker
Main Sessions
13:30 - 14:00 Start & Video Demonstration

14:00 - 14:55 Openning Remarks

14:55 - 15:25 Addictions & COVID-19 (Giovanna Campello - UNODC)

15:25 - 15:45 Break (10 min)
Preparation (10 min)
Thematic Sessions

15:45 - 16:45 Class-Based Educations
Group A: Project Management
Group B: Addiction Prevention Program (TBM)
Group C: Counseling in YEDAM
Group D: Advocacy
Group E: Social Media and Communication

Day 2 Wednesday, Dec. 9 / 13:30-16:45 (GTM+3)

Time Session/Speaker
Main Sessions

13:30-13:35 Opening Speech (Mr. Nurullah Atalan - CEO of Turkish Green Crescent)

13:35-14:00 Gamling Addiction (Ass. Prof. Dr. Merih Altıntaş - Green Crescent Scientific Board)

14:00-14:25 Tobacco Addiction (Prof. Toker Ergüder - WHO Country Office, Turkey)

14:25-14:50 Alcohol Addiction (Ass. Prof. Dr. Perihan Torun - Green Crescent Scientific Board)

14:50-15:15 Substance Addiction (Prof. Hakan Çokşunol - Green Crescent Scientific Board)

15:15-15:30 Online Gaming Addiction (Daniel Spritzer - Conectados Pela Vida)

15:30-15:45 Evaluation Speech (Amy Ronshausen- DFAF)

15:45-16:00 Break (5 min)
Preparation (10 min)
Thematic Sessions
16:00-17:00 Group A: Project Management (repetition)
Group B: Program on Addiction Intervention in Schools (OBM)
Group C: Life Skills
Group D: Scientific Studies Management
Group E: Volunteering and Volunteer Management

Day 3 Thursday, Dec. 10 / 13:30-16:45 (GTM+3)

Time Session/Speaker
Main Sessions
13:30-15:00 IFGC General Assembly

15:00-15:20 Break (10 Minute)
Preparation (10 Minute)

Regional Sessions
15:20-16:00 English Group 1: Africa & Eastern Mediterranean
English Group 2: Western Pacific & South East Asia
Turkish Group: Europe (Including Central Asia)
French Group: Africa
Arabic Group: Eastern Mediterranean
Main Sessions

16:00-16:35 Kahoot Competition

16:35-16:45 Closing Reviews

Zoom Installation Information

Do not forget to check the settings of your Zoom program, audio, video, and other controls after installation.
The test button is at the end of the narration.


Click the button below to download the Zoom desktop application. There is no need to do this on computers that have Zoom installed before.


When you run the “ZoomInstaller.exe” file that you downloaded, the installation process will start.


Wait for the installation process to complete.


You can close the Zoom Window below that appears after the installation process is complete. Then you can join the webinar with your personal login link, which was sent with your email address.


When you click "Click Here to Join" in your e-mail, your web browser will open a page like the one below. Click on "Open Zoom application"


If a screen appears as follows, this means that the webinar has not yet started. Wait for webinar start time.

STEP 7 (Participants)

7.1 After this stage, your login to the web has been completed. If you move the mouse to the bottom of the screen, you will see the following menus.

  • “Audio Setting” you can control the volume of your computer.
  • “Chat” you can send message content to any person or anyone.
  • “Raise Hand” you can ask the moderator for the floor.
  • “Q/A” panelists can ask questions.
  • “Leave” you can log out of webinar.

STEP 8 (Panelists & Moderators)

8.1 Click "Join with Video" in the window below.

8.2 Click "Join with Computer Audio" in the window below..

8.3 After this stage, your login to the web has been completed. If you move the mouse to the bottom of the screen, you will see the following menus.

  • With "Mute", you can turn your sound off and on.
  • With "Stop Video", you can turn your video image on and off.
  • You can view the participants in the "Participants" tab.
  • With the "Q / A" feature, you can see the questions from the participants.
  • With the "Chat" feature, you can send message content to anyone or anyone you want.
  • With "Share Screen" you can share your screen and show your presentation on your computer.
  • You can record the webinar with the option "Record".
  • You can exit the webinar with the "Leave Meeting" option..

Click to test ZOOM Program.


Other Technical Information

The technical information required for panelists and participants to participate in webinar is as follows.

Internet Connection and Speed
  • Especially if panelists prefer wired internet connection if possible, it will prevent delays and disconnections caused by wifi devices.
  • If a wired internet connection is not possible, we recommend that you stay in the same room, if possible, close to wifi devices.
  • Other users in the environment (at home or at work), tv, mobile phone, etc. make sure that other devices do not use the internet.
  • If you think that you cannot get the desired efficiency, you can connect your computers to the internet via your mobile phones. Download and upload speeds provided by mobile operators are 3-4 times faster than wired internet connections.
  • If you have a VDSL or FIBER internet infrastructure, there will be no such problem.

Important Note: Make sure that you enter your email address correctly during registration.

Headphones and Microphone
  • We recommend that you primarily use your own computer's microphone and audio output.
  • If you are going to use headphones and external microphone. It is important to test these devices beforehand.
  • You can perform audio and video tests on your computer via the test link below after you have installed Zoom.


Headphones and Microphone
  • Ambient sounds can sometimes cause problems on multi-participant platforms.
  • Choose the quietest possible environment to prevent echoing sounds and noise.
  • We recommend for panelists to MUTE their voices when not speaking.
Advice for Ambient Light
  • In particular, panelists and session chairmen who will share video cameras, positioning their computers to take the light from the front will improve their image quality.


Organization Secretariat

All our panelists, session chairs and participants can install the program by performing the operations in the “Zoom installation information”. In case of possible problems, panelists and session chairmen can contact our technical team below.

Burkon Tourism & Congress
Çekirge St. No: 51/C 16050 Bursa/TURKEY
E-mail :

Samet Başar
General Responsible
Phone : +90 507 622 3127
E-mail :

Murat Nane
Certificate Support Expert
Phone : +90 533 500 7749
E-mail :

Sinan Süner
Technical & IT Manager
E-mail :

Gürkan İçli
Support Expert
E-mail :

We thank Burkon Tourism and Congress for their WEBINAR and ONLINE support.